How to Listen
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YouRadio App

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Download the YouRadio App for the best listening experience.

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The YouRadio Player

Listen online, on desktop, iPad or mobile via our Radio Player.
No download or sign up required.

Go to You.Radio and select the network from our directory.


On Smart Speakers

Listen on Bluetooth Speakers or Apple Airplay

Link your phone or computer to your Bluetooth speaker in your phone settings (make sure your bluetooth is turned on).


Step 1: Select Sonos Settings
Step 2: Add MyTuner as a Service on Sonos
Step 3: Click Stations in the search bar
Step 4: Search for your favorite YouRadio Brand

Amazon Alexa

Link your phone, iPad or tablet with Alexa and ask Alexa to link with your device to play any of the stations. Or download MyTuner Radio as a ‘skill’ on Alexa and say “Alexa, ask MyTuner Radio to play (Station name).

All YouRadio radio stations are available on MyTuner Radio

Access to some third party applications will vary by region. Some may charge a fee to access content, or include commercials. YouRadio Players offer free, non-restricted access worldwide.

In the car

Link your phone to your car via a cable or Bluetooth to play YouRadio directly through your car speakers.

Please ensure you set this up before your journey and do not use your phone whilst driving.

If you have Apple CarPlay, you can play all YouRadio Stations through MyTuner Radio or Receiver.

Both Apps will allow you to pre-select your favourite Radio stations, so they are easy to find on your car’s music system.

Please note: On CarPlay you may hear Ads which are populated by My Tuner Radio. Our stations do not feature commercials.