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Boomerang Radio
Rock’n’roll ain’t music? Tell that to the kids!
Elvis Presley
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100 years of
free music
100 years of free music
Every decade from 1920 – 2020
Where the memories
come back time and time again
Boomerang Radio
If my music pleases them, I’m more pleased
Neil Diamond
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Throwback and, like a boomerang,
the memories return
Throwback refers to a song that’s a reminder of the past. However, throwback songs aren’t just limited to one era. Throwback songs adapt with the times. So, in 10 years’ time today’s hits will be throwback songs.
Throwback songs touched you once before…
…and now they’ve returned.
Boomerang Radio is your link to the past.
With Boomerang Radio, throw us a decade
and we’ll throw back the very best music
it had to offer!
Boomerang Radio
Music is a safe kinda high.
Jimi Hendrix
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