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Kudos on your Easy Frank Sinatra programming

Kudos on your Easy Frank Sinatra programming. I have a number of other “Sinatra Streams” that I listen to… many appear to simply pull Sinatra tracks at random. (Face it, not everything from his catalog is gold.) Easy Sinatra, on the other hand, plays Frank’s prime cuts – selecting the tracks that I, as a Frankophile, would play if I were putting together the playlist. Nicely done!

Greg Saunders

So many great memories of my high school days

I am a regular listener and recently discovered the “Exclusively Cruising” channel. This brings back so many great memories of my high school days in the 60s. Thank you so much for bringing back all these old AM broadcasts. I regularly listen to MyTuner and am so happy to have found these trips down memory lane. Thank you so much for these brief glimpses into my teen years.


So many fantastic single-artist stations

I’ve been enjoying your stations since I discovered Exclusive Radio in March 2021. I then discovered Easy Radio last fall, and Country Music Radio just a few weeks ago. You have so many fantastic single-artist stations, and I have listened to probably at least 50 of your stations. Thank you for all the great music you’ve provided to me over the past year and a half.

Jeff Bleiel

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